How to earn extra cash as a student

How to earn extra cash as a student

A little extra cash will never hurt you, especially if you are an always hungry for food or parties student. Here is the list of quick and easy ways to earn some money!

1. Participate in online surveys and focus groups

Research companies are always looking for people to answer their surveys, test new products and participate in various focus groups.

For answering survey questions which only takes a few minutes to complete, you can make up to £3. Not much but pays for a cup of coffee. Every little helps, as they say!

Here is the link to the list of the best paid online survey websites

2. Get a part-time job

A part-time job is an obvious choice that can help you not only to sort out your finances but also get valuable work experience to add to your skinny student CV.

Check out the websites where you can find part-time jobs:

3. Become an extra

If you see yourself becoming a big movie star one day, why not to start with becoming an extra first? You can get paid around £60-100 per day for literally not doing much! You can earn even more if you can bring your own costume or willing to work overtime.

Try this link if you are interested

4. Tutoring and proof reading

If you are lucky enough to be good at a certain subject why not help out less fortunate fellows for some extra cash? The pay is usually around £10 per hour and you have a freedom to schedule it for a convenient time.

If your English is good, you can also offer proof reading service to other students. Many would be happy to pay you for checking their dissertations and assignments for mistakes. Just get yourself a big cup of coffee and start earning money!

5. Baby sitting

Classic way to earn extra cash for watching TV on someone else’s coach with a kid in the room. You can expect to be paid around £6-10 per hour for your “hard” work! Some families will want to make a criminal record check on you but many don’t bother. As long as you are lucky to get a well-behaved child it will be quick and easy.

6. Become a mystery shopper

Feel yourself like an undercover agent and get paid for it around £10-15 per job. Mystery shopping requires you to judge customer service in shops, restaurants, hotels, banks etc. Well, maybe not quite ‘007’ but it pays the bills!

Check out these websites:

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