How much does it cost to learn English in the UK?

How much does it cost to study English in the UK?

Updated: January 2020

The total cost of learning English abroad varies greatly depending on the school you choose, the intensity of the course, and the type of accommodation. Below you can find an approximate calculation for English courses in London.

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The cost of studying English in London, GB pounds

Budget Premium
4-week course
Courses 590 1180
Accommodation 680 1120
Everyday expenses 500 800
Visa 100 100
Total £1,870 £3,200
3-month course
Courses 1630 3380
Accommodation 2210 3640
Everyday expenses 1630 2600
Visa 100 100
Total £5,570 £9,720
6-month course
Courses 2200 5640
Accommodation 4080 6720
Everyday expenses 3000 4800
Visa 100 100
Total £9,380 £17,260

This calculation does not include cost of flights.

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