Telephone scam targeting international students

Warning. Telephone scam.

Dear international students in the UK,

According to information provided on the official UKCISA website many international students have been recently targeted by telephone scammers.

The scam has typical scenario that has been used in the past:
• A student receives a phone call from a person pretending to be an immigration officer from the Home Office
• The incoming number appears to match a genuine Home Office number
• The person on the phone tells a student that there is a problem with their visa and a student must pay a fine and/or provide a caller personal information and contact details
• Some students have also been told that they will be visited by a Home Office official

All international students should remember that the Home Office will never call a student to request payments or ask for personal information in such way! Remember that the Home Office does not issue financial penalties! DO NOT give your personal information or make any payments to anyone calling you like this.

If you receive such fraudulent call, you can report the incident to an international student adviser at your college/university, who can report the fraud to the police and to the Home Office if you wish.

FasTrack Education wishes you all a safe stay in the UK!

Source of information: UKCISA


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