UK MBA programmes favoured by employers

UK MBA programmes favoured by employers


Which MBA will make the most difference for your career?

MBA (Master in Business Administration) remains one of the most popular masters programmes in the world. The benefits of MBA have been widely discussed, one of the main ones being an opportunity to change your career path and get a better salary. But how do you choose the right programme that will provide that desired boost to your career when most universities have an MBA programme on offer?

We grouped the most interesting UK programmes into three categories highlighting their advantages that will allow you to stand out when you start applying for jobs.


1. Prestigious MBAs

It is probably quite obvious that a name of a well-known business school would look good on your CV. Everyone has heard of Oxford and Cambridge but few people will succeed at being accepted to study there. The good news is there are other exceptional business schools in the UK.

Here are two that have been listed in the top 20 MBA programmes in Europe and 100 best programmes in the world. Have you heard of them? Your future employer has.


The Cass Business School MBA programme, City University London

Joining this programme will give you an opportunity to study at one of the best business schools right in the centre of London! And after your graduation your salary will be 89 percent* higher than it would be without the MBA.


The Strathclyde Business School MBA programme, University of Strathclyde

One of the best business schools where 74 percent* of graduates will find employment through the university career advice service. This is a great opportunity to get both your education and your job in one place. However, keep in mind that the university is located in Glasgow so you might have to get used to the local accent.

*Based on alumni data. Source of information: The Economist

2. MBA with a work placement


What do employers value even more than excellent education? That’s right, work experience. These programmes will allow you to obtain both. It is not easy to find a university that will be able offer a work placement during your studies. Here we have two of them:

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The Claude Littner Business School MBA programme, West London University

1 year is a standard duration of an MBA course in the UK. This university, however, will give you an opportunity to have an 8 months internship in addition to the 8 months of study. Some of the companies which the students have had an opportunity to work for in the past include Apple, Hewlett Packard, Hilton Hotel Group and Microsoft. What can be better than this? Well, maybe the next option.


International Business, MBA at the University of Greenwich, London

The University of Greenwich does not only have one of the most beautiful campuses in the UK, but offers an opportunity to gain a whole year of work experience in addition to your study. This way you will benefit from both a year of study and a yearlong internship for the same money that you would pay for just the course itself at a different university.

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3. Specialised MBA courses


Some universities offer MBA courses that focus either on one industry or on a particular function. You should consider this option if you have a clear vision of a specific job that you would like to do after you graduate. Choosing this type of programme will also send a strong message to your employer that you are clear about your career path.

Specialised MBA in finance, marketing and international business are well recognised. Here are some more unusual choices for you to consider:


Entrepreneurship MBA at the University of Nottingham

This programme will allow you to improve your entrepreneurial skills even if you are not planning to start your own business. As well as learning about the practical, figure driven side of management, you will also discover how to approach leadership as a creative process.


MBA Information Technology at the Edge Hill University

Technology is changing the world and this makes IT one of the fastest growing industries. If you are interested in managing an IT company, this is a programme that will help you.


MBA Energy Management at the University of Aberdeen

Just like the previous programme, this course will allow you to train as a manager in a specific field. This one will help you become an energy professional . Conveniently located in Aberdeen, “the oil capital of Europe”, the programme addresses the needs of the local industry and has established strong links with local companies.


Chartered Banker MBA at the Bangor university

This last programme we'd like to mention was created specifically for bank professionals. It will give you two qualifications at the end of the course – an MBA and a professional banker qualification -- Chartered Banker Diploma. You might also be interested to know that even though Bangor is based in Wales, this particular programme is located in its London campus.

If you are hoping that an MBA will give your career a boost or help you to change your career path, make sure you choose a programme that will make you stand out when you start applying for jobs. How can this be achieved? Pay attention to the reputation of the business school, look for work placement opportunities during your studies or opt for a specialised MBA. The choice is yours.

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