How to find a good job after moving to the UK? Start from your studies

How to find a good job after moving to the UK? Start from your studies

Moving to a different country can be difficult: there are a lot of new things to get used to, new language, new people and no work experience in local companies. So where do you start?

Get to grips with English

First of all, if you are struggling with the language, it will be twice as difficult to get used to the new country. Doing an English course is a good way to integrate and meet other people who are in a similar position, so you don’t feel isolated.

As your language skills are improving, you can start thinking about your professional development: education and work.

You can find more information on learning English here.

Make a fresh start with a new degree

If you are more confident with your English, getting a UK degree will give you a brilliant starting point to your new life. And we are not only talking about under 25s.

It is common that good specialists who used to have a successful career in their own country are not able to find a professional job once they move to the UK. And it is not due to the lack of knowledge. Unfamiliar company names and job roles will often make an employer uncertain. So what can you do?

A UK education will help the situation.

A degree from a good university will demonstrate to a potential employer that not only you possess the latest knowledge in your field, but are also aware of the social norms in this country.

You become ‘familiar’ and, therefore, employable.

In the UK you will have a unique opportunity to gain work experience as you study. You can find out more about the benefits of these programmes in our article ‘5 most attractive programmes with work placements’.


Be prepared for your new career

One of the most popular choices for people who are ready for a change in their career is an MBA. This programme does not only allow you to change the country you work in but also your field (for example, to move from engineering to consulting) or your role within your field (from projects to management).

To find out more, read our article on MBA programmes favoured by employers.

Whatever your goals are, we will help you to take to first step.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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