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Being a student can be challenging. Even though you become independent, you are still not earning money but you need to provide everything for yourself from clothes and house utensils to travel and accommodation. And you have to find your way around a new city and new way of life. So how does one do this on a student budget, in a new country that is not very familiar to them?

Here are some websites that might help you.

General up-to-date student information

First of all, before you even come to the country, you might want to look at a couple of student websites that discuss student news and problems they encounter in their day to day life. Have a look at the National Union of Students website that is the official student website in the UK. It is a voluntary organisation that is aiming to improve your student experience and offers any information that you might find useful.

The Student Room is a similar resource that is built as a community, where you can share experiences, discuss issues and give each other advice and support.

Make sure you also check your student union’s page to get an idea of what advice and activities your university can offer. You can only make use of the facilities if you know about their existence!


Of course you will need somewhere to live. There are many websites that deal with accommodation and some of them are specifically for students such as or that will help you to find cheaper places to live, where you will share with other students, often with bills included in the rent so you don’t have to break the bank.


Another way to get extra income is to have a part-time job that you can fit around your education. A lot of students lack confidence in that department as they don’t have work experience and don’t feel they will be able to compete. However, there are websites that specialise in student jobs. They will not only help you to find part-time or flexible jobs but possibly even allow you to gain professional experience that will be relevant for your future career. Here are two examples of such pages that are aimed specifically at students:

If you are coming close to the completion of your course, a useful resource to keep in mind is that is aimed at helping graduate students to find their first professional jobs.

Cheap deals

You can also save money on every-day items that will make a big difference to your expenses in the end. The cost of books and study materials can really set you back but you might be able to find cheaper options at where you can buy used books, some of them in perfect condition, for a fraction of their original price.

Some websites will allow you to compare prices to find the cheapest deals on just about anything so you can shop smartly and not overpay for things. For example, lists different prices on groceries so you can find the cheapest ways to shop and will help you to find deals on a vast range of goods and services or get some money back on your purchases.

You can even get things for free from where people will list what they want to get rid of and will be happy for you to come and take it off their hands.

And, of course, there are that is very popular with students for buying on the cheap and that deals with anything from buying and selling goods to jobs and housing.


If you need inspiration, there are websites that will help you to be aware of all the new and exciting developments that are being currently explored in the world. TED is a very helpful resource of original forward-thinking talks and presentations by people who are driving change and development in many areas. There are other websites that have the same purpose of sharing and exploring new ideas such as or These will provide you with a useful navigation system on the current research trends so you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the available information.

We hope this will make your student life a little easier. Whether it is finance, information or career there are resources available that will address the issue and whenever you feel like you need support, there are communities to give you advice.

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