Is it still possible to start studying in the UK in September 2017?

Is it still possible to start your studies in the UK in September 2017?

If you want to start your studies in a UK university this September, you may be asking yourself one of these questions: Is it already time to apply? Or is it already too late to apply? Let’s find out.

We work with international students from different countries and noticed that depending on the country they’re coming from, students may have different expectations about the application deadlines.

Some think that they need to finish their school/university (which happens in May-June) and only then, they can apply to study in the UK.  That’s wrong.

Others know that in the UK, applications open one year in advance and may assume it’s already too late to make an application. That’s also wrong.

So if you want to start your studies in September, what are the options?

Is it already too late to apply?

Let’s start from good news: most UK universities (apart from the likes of Oxford and Cambridge) are still accepting applications. It means you have tons of options and you can find a programme you really like.

The university admissions process for international students takes several months. There’re a few things you need to do, including preparing your documents, writing a personal statement, applying to a university, getting your visa. These things take time.

It’s definitely possible to start your studies this September. Our advice to you is “Don’t waste you time, start now”.

Is it already time to apply?

Those, who think they can or should wait until summer to make their application, are making a big mistake.

In some countries, like Russia and Kazakhstan, people apply to universities in July-August. But, that’s definitely not the case for the UK.

We won’t tell you that, it’s impossible to apply in July and come to study in September. However, if a delay happens, for whatever reason, you may not be able to start your studies and have to wait till January or next September (a whole year of waiting).

Sad stories like that happen every year.

So, if you want to study in a UK university this September, you must act now.

How limited are your options?

For the majority of UK universities, applications are still open. Let’s talk a bit about what programmes are not available any more.

The two most famous UK universities, the university of Oxford and Cambridge have closed their application season for all bachelor’s and almost all master’s programmes.

The LSE has stopped accepting applications for their bachelor’s programmes, but you still may be able to apply for some of their master’s courses.

Basically, the higher the competition for the course is (and the higher the university rankings are), the earlier the deadline is.

For any bachelor’s programme you apply after January 15, universities don’t guarantee they will consider your applications. They may fill up the places before they have a chance to have a look at your documents. However, many unis will process an application for an international student.

For some programmes that are particular competitive, a university may set an early deadline. Even if the official deadline for most programmes is late summer.

So the longer you wait, the more limited your choice of programmes will be. If you’ve decided you want to study in the UK, stop delaying. Start acting.

Good luck with you application.

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