Before moving to the UK

важные сроки для поступления

Bachelor’s programme application deadlines

Bachelor’s application deadlines are very strict, and some of the most desirable courses fill up early. Generally speaking, the more popular the programme is, the earlier […]

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Важные даты

Master’s programme application deadlines

Universities start accepting applications for master’s programmes as early as one year in advance. The system is different from the bachelor’s programme and for most courses, […]

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Важные сроки

When to apply to UK universities? All important deadlines

It might seem that there is still plenty of time before you need to make a start on your application to a UK university, but you […]

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What is the most common reason for missing the deadlines?

Many students, who receive a conditional offer from a university, don’t actually start the course. It might seem strange that after all the effort of preparing […]

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4 main reasons for UK student visa refusals (Tier 4). How to avoid it?

Many international students believe that getting a student visa to the UK is a challenging process.  Some say the British immigration service is strict and even […]

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How to come to study at a UK university: step-by-step guide

Have you been thinking about studying abroad but do not know where to start or what to expect?

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