Life in the UK

Complete student accommodation guide

Have you made the decision to go and study in the UK? Now it’s time to think about suitable accommodation that will make you comfortable but […]

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Best student websites

Here are some websites that might help international students to find accommodation, job and good deals in the UK.

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How to find a good job after moving to the UK? Start from your studies

Moving to a different country can be difficult: there are a lot of new things to get used to, new language, new people and no work […]

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International students choose the UK bringing £17.5 billion

International students choose the UK bringing £17.5 billion The UK has confirmed its position of a leading destination for international students. Education exports were worth £17.5 […]

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Tax return for students

Tax return for students Shocking £75m has been overpaid in tax by students! Everyone, including international students, must pay Income Tax and National Insurance if they […]

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