Studying in the UK

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When to apply to UK universities? All important deadlines

It might seem that there is still plenty of time before you need to make a start on your application to a UK university, but you […]

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What is the most common reason for missing the deadlines?

Many students, who receive a conditional offer from a university, don’t actually start the course. It might seem strange that after all the effort of preparing […]

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Best UK universities by employers

When choosing a university, students have to take into account dozens of criteria. In this process it is important to remember the main one – a […]

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7 best paid graduate jobs in the UK. What to study to get there?

How can you make sure that studying what you enjoy will also bring you good income in the future?

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How to come to study at a UK university: step-by-step guide

Have you been thinking about studying abroad but do not know where to start or what to expect?

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How to make the most of university ratings

A complete guide to understanding different university ratings

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