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What is an MBA?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) continues to be one of the most prestigious business qualifications and one of the most popular postgraduate programmes worldwide.

We can offer you MBA programmes in almost 100 UK universities in various locations throughout the country.

During your MBA course, you will cover all the main business aspects such as finance, management, strategy, and marketing. It will enable you to expand your understanding of the business world and economic environment as well as help you to develop ‘soft’ skills necessary for any business leader.

As this qualification is designed for more mature applicants who already have a bachelor’s or maybe even a master’s degree, you will be expected to have minimum of 2 years of work experience to qualify.

Why get an MBA?

The best reasons to study an MBA Degree
    • Higher salary

As an MBA graduate you will be expected to have a considerably higher salary than that of an employee with a standard master's qualification. According to the Association of MBAs (AMBA), those returning to work following their MBA see an increase in salary. The AMBA's most recent survey found that the average MBA salary stands at £80,000 pa.

    • Career progression

An MBA qualification will prepare you for senior management roles in business by helping you to develop the required knowledge and thus improving your promotion prospects. Furthermore, in some industries such as finance, banking, and consulting, an MBA degree is essential for career advancement.

    • Career change

During an MBA course, you will gain the general business expertise which can be applied in any company. A specialised MBA gives an opportunity to acquire knowledge in a specific subject (e.g. finance, marketing) or a specific industry (e.g. oil and gas, mining). Thus after graduation you will be prepared to work in this field regardless of your previous education and work experience.

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