Oxbridge service

  • This service has been developed specifically for the most talented and ambitious candidates, who are aiming to apply exclusively to the most elite universities in the UK.

  • Individual preparation for a successful application.

What is included in the Oxbridge service

Initial assessment

Before we sign a contract with you, we conduct an assessment where we discuss your academic and other achievements and compare them with the university requirements.

Individual selection of the university and the education programme

based on your preferences and academic results.

Document preparation and check for the university application
  • Get your application form filled in by our specialists.
  • Receive a full list of required documents, as well as guidance and advice on how to correctly write a personal statement, recommendation letters and a CV.
  • Access real-life examples of personal statements, recommendation letters and CVs.
  • Professional editing of your personal statement, recommendation letters and your CV.
Submission of your university application
  • Submission of your application forms and documents to the university and continued communication with the university on your behalf until you are enrolled on the course.
  • If the university invites you for an academic interview, you receive a guidance on how to prepare for it, and
  • Academic interview training: receive an information about the format of the interview, typical questions (general questions), as well as what qualities the universities expect you to demonstrate. You can go through a 1.5 - hour mock interview with one of our consultants.
  • Entry exams briefing: if you need to take an entry exam, we explain its format, requirements and practice tests that you could take.
Preparation of your student visa application
  • Receive all necessary information about the visa requirements and the visa application process, as well as an individual list of required documents for your application.
  • Get your visa application form filled in and your documents fully checked by our specialists.
Arrival to the UK
  • Get guidance on booking your accommodation and all the necessary procedures you need to go through before and after coming to the UK.
  • Completion of your application for booking student accommodation at the halls of residence.

What universities are included in the Oxbridge service:

The list of universities
  1. University of Cambridge
  2. Imperial College London
  3. London School of Business
  4. London School of Economics and Political Science
  5. University College London
  6. University of Oxford
  7. University of Warwick

Please note


We only offer this service to candidates with high academic achievements.

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