University selection

University selection

Looking for a university programme in the UK and not sure if you can find the one which suits you best?


With our service, you receive a selection of programmes that match your requirements and background, done by professionals who know UK universities.




Why choose the service?

  • We assess your documents and only offer universities where you have reasonably high chances of getting an offer, based on your academic background and experience.

  • We choose programmes taking into account all your requirements, including university ranking, location, tuition fees, employability prospects.

  • We live in the UK and regularly visit university campuses and meet their representatives personally. So we know exactly what we are offering.

  • You get a selection of minimum 3 universities for master’s/foundation/A-levels programmes and 5 universities for bachelor’s programmes. The pdf document you receive will include an overview of each. We may offer more options if we find more programmes matching your requirements.

Work Process

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